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These three persons, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost, are spoken of as one, each in number and individuality in scripture. There is one God the Father, one Lord Jesus Christ, and one Holy Ghost. These three make up the one triune Godhead.

"I believe that in this study, the material presented clarifies that the Holy Ghost is a person, the third person of the tri-une Godhead. He has feelings as we do. He has been sent by the Father to be our comforter and guide. The Holy Ghost enables our lives by giving to us spiritual gifts as He wills. There are nine primary gifts, each with subdivisions. These gifts He gives severally as He wills. We could have none, one, two, five or all nine. The number given is left up to the Holy Ghost. It is then left up to us to nurture it or them. Be careful to use them wisely and carefully as you are led by the Holy Ghost, so that God's will might be done, praying always."

-Rev. David D. Wilson

David Wilson has been a Spirit-filled minister in the Pentecostal movement for over 45 years. He is currently sitting on the General Board of Directors of the International Full Gospel Evangelistic Association, Inc. with headquarters in Temple, Oklahoma, and is the Senior Presbyter of the North Texas District of the I.F.G.E.A. He lives on 40 acres just outside Paradise, Texas.

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