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Previously on Amazon as Uncle Hula Hoop and J.C. Now find this uplifting book by searching "Uncle Hula Hoop" or clicking the link below. Same great story! Same great cover! Same great inspirational message!

The story of Uncle Hula Hoop and J.C. is too important to ignore, leave on a shelf, or put off until later.

Childhood is when the strongest connection to Jesus is formed. Yet, a study by the Barna Group in 2018 suggests that 93 percent of practicing Christians don’t feel comfortable with having a conversation about God with their own grandchildren.

The children of America are the key to this country maintaining its faith in Christ and God. 

In America, eighty percent of the population does not attend church. That leaves millions of children who are not churched and do not know about the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.This book can be your conversation starter and your opening into that discussion we often find so difficult to initiate.

Uncle Hula Hoop and J.C. is the story of a retired soldier – Uncle Hula Hoop – witnessing about Jesus Christ to a nine-year-old boy named J.C. The soldier is a Vietnam War veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange during his tour of duty in that war. He suffers from COPD and Parkinson’s Disease due to that exposure. He tells the boy how he regained his faith and shares Bible stories to lead the boy to faith in Jesus Christ. In the end, the boy becomes a believer in Jesus.

Our country needs Christian mentors like Uncle Hula Hoop. It is hoped that this book will touch the lives of unbelievers, both children and adults.

About Sandy Jackson: 

Sandy Jackson is a retired substance abuse counselor living in Mount Olive, North Carolina. He has authored a children’s book and a general audience book. His Christian walk is the most important thing in his life, and he feels the Holy Spirit gives him the words and illustrations for his books.

Sandy hopes you will be blessed by his writings and that they will lead you to a decision for Christ and a closer relationship with God so that your destination when you leave this world will be Heaven. Sandy is without a doubt certain that your relationship with God and Christ will bring you the greatest love, joy, and peace you have ever known and will be the anchor to help you through the storms of life. 

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