God Desires Repentan Cover for Kindle vol2

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During my two weeks on the Texas Gulf Coast, I tried to catch the sunrise on the sand as often as possible. I snapped pictures of the sun, orange or yellow or red, just breaking over the water. Often, clouds painted a colorful backdrop across the sky.

What I really noticed was the sand. It reminded me of the cyclical nature of the earth. No matter how many sand castles we build – whether good or bad – with time, they are wiped from the slate, and we are offered a fresh beginning. Yesterday’s words, etched in the sand, are smoothed into unblemished perfection. The tide does that for the sand on the beach. The shells that were lovingly collected the evening before are replenished by the action of the waves, fresh gifts for us to pick up and admire.

Repentance works pretty much the same way. When we kneel before God, and we offer him our regret for the wrongs we’ve done, he smooths our past and says to us, “What wrongs? My gift to you is a fresh beginning. Here’s your chance to do it right this time.”

Repentance is all about a fresh start. The world may try to remind us of yesterday’s mistakes, but God has already forgotten, just like the sea that wipes our words from the sand. Let’s fall on our knees. The Father is waiting on us today

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