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A captivating tale by a master of historical fiction!

The War for Independence is over, and the westward expansion has begun.

From the tidal coastlands of the Carolinas, and the isolated farms and villages of Virginia, former members of The Continental Army of George Washington are given bounty warrants for land in the Interior. Accompanied by politically ambitious merchants and skilled tradesmen of the great cities of the East, they set out to cross the mountains and the valleys to settle in a new place called Kentucky. Who can predict the dangers that await them across the mountains?

Among the pioneers traveling west are seventeen-year-old Samantha Prescott and her husband Andrew, organizer and leader of the caravan that leaves Alexandria, Virginia, in the year 1792 to settle in the uncultivated land of Kentucky. Coming from a background of luxury and prestigious societal standards, how will Samantha react to the rigorous days and the lonely nights, while her husband strives to complete a contract that binds him to a woman he doesn't love?

Samantha reveals the drama, pathos, danger, romance and intrigue of being thrust into maturity, of a young girl who turns into a strong woman who refuses to let her circumstances dictate her life.

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