A Tale of the Mexican War!

One summer day in 1846, two brothers-in-law ride off to war . . .

. . . in this poignant tale of the friendship, bravery and sacrifice of the Mexican War.

A century and a half later, a youthful and idealistic cousin travels halfway around the world to find glory and fame on a battlefield of his own.

Captured and tortured by the enemy, will he find the courage to endure and make his way back home to America, or will he suffer the fate of his ancestors? 

Told in alternating time frames a century and a half apart, this is the story of a desperate mother who clings to the hope her son still survives despite fears war has already taken him from her.

Will she find the courage to persevere during the months of anxiety and fear while awaiting news of her son? Or will she discover that in war, whether it’s 1846 or today, not everyone survives to return home?

A story you'll never forget, one you'll return to again and again.

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