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Catch a Spaceman by the Tail . . .

The third installment in The Se'Yan't Chronicles takes you on a ride you'll never forget.

MegaCorp has been dismembered, its military arm spun off, leaving the giant corporation a shadow of its former self. In the last 370 years, most of the galaxy has forgotten the power the massive behemoth once wielded.

One man lived those days, but he's trapped in a military-issue cryogenic escape pod, hurtling through space at near the speed of light. It's branded with the near-forgotten MegaCorp logo, and its systems are shutting down. Without an emergency rescue, his days are numbered.

When an independent transport intercepts the pod's emergency beacon, an epic tale of greed, betrayal, and newfound friendships springs to life as the lone survivor of an ancient battle comes to terms with the truth of his new existence. Everything Rom'n Rezalton once knew is gone. Cutting edge technology has become outdated, and he has lost all connections with his past life.

Or has he?

When his craft is forced to land on the remote and forbidding world of Trasdrom'man, Rom'n discovers his past may not be lost at all. In an ensuing battle of wills, he becomes embroiled in a desperate race to rescue a beautiful woman who might very well be the love he first met nearly 400 years before.

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