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Never was any child more wanted or loved than Honey Doll.

Army Sergeant Edgar Hall and his family were stationed in Germany, far from family and friends. Ruby Hall depended on her husband, daughter, and infant son to be an island of family in a sea of unfamiliar faces.

Then came the day Honey Doll joined them, and a quintet of musical harmony sprang into life.

Honey Doll is the story of a mother’s heart-warming reflection on the love her third child brings to her family, starting at a time when she felt isolated and stranded among strangers, to those joyous years spent among uncles and aunts who treasured Honey Doll as much as she did.

You will be caught up in Honey Doll’s story, and her charmed childhood will become yours.

This is truly the story of the little girl who became a princess. Join in as the magic shimmers across the pages of this delightful book. 

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