A Wild Ride Into One Man's Mind as He Wrestles with the Metaphysical World!

The God Curse

Is Chip Engelbrecht a newly-fledged god?

Or has he been cursed by the gods?

Chip’s legacy seems to run in the family. His South African grandfather was driven to suicide by it, and so was his father. Chip’s estranged grandmother calls him a “duiwel” and spits on the ground every time she meets him. His mother? She’s just plain crazy. She still dances on his father’s grave.

Chip wants to live a very long life, and part of his plan is to avoid his family at all costs. The holes in his walls are his coping technique, that and avoiding all personal relationships with women.

When his mother sends him a locked trunk and an ancient iron key, a note written in his grandfather’s hand vaults Chip on a quest to South Africa to find the answers to the curse that hangs over his family.

On his journey, Chip finds being a god is tougher than he ever expected. Will he come to terms with who he is, or will the family curse claim him, also?


About the Author . . .

Levi Kristoffer Castle was born in Finland. His family moved to Johannesburg when he was five, and he spent his youth exploring the bushveld around Sterkrivier in the Limpopo province of South Africa. After high school, he settled into NYC life as a college student. His surreptitious boyhood exploits into the Makapan’s Cave region fueled his interest in Boer history and was his inspiration for this story. Now he splits his time between his Houston, Texas, home and his family’s mountain cabin in western North Carolina. His wife, son, and two dogs happily join him when they can.


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