In this second installment of the beloved Sweetwater Station saga, a new shadow falls over Joe and Hannah’s existence.

The rumors are in the mill that the stage coach lines might soon shut down completely. Joe is forced to take the rumors seriously when news arrives of the newly completed railway lines that are quickly connecting the disparate sections of the vast tracks of land that cover the burgeoning United States of America.

An attack on a stage and the death of a favorite driver further shatters the security of Joe and Hannah’s future.

When Hannah’s second child, her much longed for daughter, arrives during a blizzard, where is the medical help they need?

How will Joe save his family from financial ruin? Even more importantly, how will he manage to keep his family safe and whole in a land that threatens to rip them apart at every turn of the seasons?

Joe and Hannah’s story is an amazing tale of integrity, American spirit, and tenacity. You will be drawn into this story and live the American West as if you were there yourself.

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