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By son, father, and ordained minister David Priest:

My Life

My Story of Addiction to Salvation 

I was broken, confused, angry, and drug addicted.

My marriage was on the rocks, and I thought suicide was a very real option. Then I was changed by the power of God.

This is my story of growing up in rural America. I was a normal teenager in a home where love was hard to find, and I searched for that love in a bottle and through drugs.

When I hit rock bottom, a friend introduced me to Jesus, and the Master turned my life and family around.

This is my story of how Jesus changed me, restored my family, and brought me into ministry through the love and direction of the men who pastored and mentored me in the formative years of my walk with Christ.

If there's one lesson I would like for you to get from my book, it's that there's no limit to how far God will reach to provide you repentance and salvation. You cannot move outside the soul-redeeming, powerful manifestation of God's love no matter how hard you try.

Give God a chance. He wants to rescue you today.

— David Priest

This book by son, father, and ordained minister David Priest offers an engaging journey that will impact you in a profound way.

About David Priest:

David Priest is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God. His call to ministry was first recognized by Assemblies of God Pastor Bill McKissick who helped develop David's calling in 1993, along with senior Pastor E. R. Anderson of First Assembly of God, Irving, Texas.

First Assembly merged with The Family Worship Center, also in Irving, where David was ordained in July of 2001 under the then-current pastor Gerald Patterson. Over the years, David has served in many areas, from Sunday School Superintendent to Men's Pastor and Bible teacher. David, along with his wife LaVonne, now serve Pastor Bob Moya at City Chapel in Arlington, Texas. David is an Adult Sunday School teacher, Elder, Deacon, and Board Member. He resides in Grand Prairie, Texas; and together with his wife, LaVonne, David celebrates 50 years of marriage in 2024. He has two sons, Airic and Jesse, both of whom are married and have given LaVonne and David five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

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