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The Human-Hybrid Project

Book Nine

The death of a friend and mentor is made worse when Halo Sunchaser is proclaimed a hero.

Garik Shayk, still stunned from his induction into Corona Tower's secretive Human-Hybrid Project, is jolted when Halo Sunchaser is celebrated for killing Jantzen Hefferly.

He comes to believe she also authored his girlfriend's death to trigger the transformation of his developing hybrid body.

Garik searches for a solution to Sunchaser's new level of control over the Project and over him. Deep in the Tower's mainframe, he uncovers the final secret to the power of the electrified sword and the people it kills.

It may be too late to bring Marisa back to life, but Garik is determined to force Halo Sunchaser to her knees.

This book will electrify you. Be prepared to read this story in a Faraday cage, even if you must build it yourself. The Human-Hybrid Project is that powerful a read!

About the Series:

The Human Hybrid Project is a ten-book series focused on Garik Shayk and his struggle to survive after he is forcibly inducted into the Human-Hybrid Project secreted deep within the super-secure sub-basements of the exclusive and off-limits Corona Tower.

The Electrified Sword is the ninth book in this electrifying and fast-paced series.

Find out more, including character backstories, the history of Corona Tower, and overviews of each of the ten books in this phenomenal series at:

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