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A Captain Vincente Falco Adventure

Cask: The Novel

Book II

War at Any Cost!

The Envoy is desperate to forestall a Galactic war that could destroy both Humanity and his people in the Cygnus galaxy. 

Sealed in his Cask, so alien he can barely interact with Humanity, the Cygnian must depend on those with whom his race has gone to war to ferry him across the black reaches of space to broker peace.

Crash landed on the planet Verboten, the three Army soldiers assigned to protect the Envoy seem more interested in leaving him behind. A rescue ship races their way, but it soon becomes clear rescue may not be the plan.

Captain Falco of the mangled diplomatic vessel Roosevelt desperately wants to save his charge and his crew.

Captain Devi of the heavily armed Putin hopes she can locate the Roosevelt before it's too late.

General Agrippa desperately wants control of the Putin. It's been too long. He wants to get back to his war.

Cask originally appeared as a novella in The Electric Minute, Vol. 5, a short story collection.

Cask: The Novel rockets this exciting tale to a whole new level. Your fantastic journey is just beginning.

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