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God Truths - A Full Year of Daily Devotions 

Sometimes we need a fresh viewpoint.

The Bible is our definitive authority on all things spiritual, yet it’s easy for the Word to become rote. God Truths will stir up the Word in your daily reading, and you will recognize the truths God wants you to uncover. Here’s what you can look forward to:

6 Excuses for Tossing Out Your Old Life

A Good Reason to Hope in God

3 Calls to Worship from Psalms

Keeping Ourselves All Christian

How to Get God’s Joy

Your Failure Is Not Final

God’s Call for Healing

God’s Plan for Your Good

3 Infusions of God’s Love

Our Compass Points to Jesus

5 Plans to Forget Your Fear

God Chooses You

3 Worries You Can Release Today

God Gives You a Fresh Start

God’s Seven Levels of Healing

The Importance of Salvation

Riding the Glory Express

3 Bonuses When We Exercise Our Faith

A Note from Steven:

I did not write the devotions in this book.

I should have been so fortunate, for they speak masterfully to our modern-day lives, our days filled with stumbling blocks unknown to the Early Church. Each entry references Scripture in an easily understandable way that rings true to the intent of the Holy Word.

This book acts as a spiritual loadstone that points to the Father as the Author of our faith, the Son as His Emissary to humanity, and the Holy Spirit as the Enabler of our salvation. Start reading at any point in the year, and by the time you’ve absorbed each edifying morsel, you will feel closer to God. You will sense a deeper understanding of the Word, and you will be better prepared to hear the whisper of the Master’s voice when He speaks to you.

In a crisis, pull out this book. When the birds sing, open its pages. At prayer time, return to your favorite passages. Make notes, underline, mark up the margins. Make these devotions yours, and they will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You will find a year’s worth of biblical truth between the covers of this book. You need it today!

Steven K. Dunn


About Steven K. Dunn:

Steven K. Dunn is the creator and president of Savior Connect INC, a Christian social media site, and the CEO of Bright Herd LLC, a software and media production company. He founded My Personalized Bible, offering Bibles, scriptural journals, and scriptural planners with the purchaser's name inserted directly into the scriptures. Steven is the author of Success Speak: The Art of Maximizing Your Potential Through What You Say.

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