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Kimberly Armstrong has the Mind of the Father

Morning Java with Apostle Kimberly Armstrong

From Kimberly about Her New Book:

When God is ready to take you places, the flesh must make a change.

It's time to eliminate old emotions, hurts, disappointments, bitterness, anxieties, relationships, heartache as well as heartbreaks. All these and more have to be dealt with in order for healing and deliverance to take place.

I rest on the belief that if you acknowledge the Lord, He will direct your way.

In 2015, my father was fighting a faith battle against sickness, and my church was exploding into a new level of ministry. God was preparing to take me to a new dimension in Him.

My new book, Morning Java, is a testament to God's grace.

This inspiration-filled book soaked with Kimberly's overcoming and faith-based dynamic observations will excite you and embolden your walk with God.

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