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Who is the person we know as Peter? Peter, whose name means a rock, was one of the first disciples called by Jesus. What kind of man was Peter?

Peter was a fisherman, the only disciple spoken of as being married. After Peter met Jesus, everything changed. Peter began to catch men for the kingdom.

Peter gave Jesus more trouble than any other disciple. He questioned Jesus time and again. In the four gospels, after Jesus, the name of Peter comes up more often than any other.

Jesus blessed and reproved Peter more than any other disciple. He saw something in Peter that would be a force for the kingdom if Jesus could channel it.

Peter had a pastor's heart, and through Peter's epistles, we are blessed every day.

"Preachers, teachers, if you truly love people, preach and teach the whole word of God. They may not like it because it gets down to where people live. Remember to tell them the truth because you love them and do not want to see them go to hell."

-Rev. David D. Wilson

David Wilson has been a Spirit-filled minister in the Pentecostal movement for over 45 years. He is currently sitting on the General Board of Directors of the International Full Gospel Evangelistic Association, Inc. with headquarters in Temple, Oklahoma, and is the Senior Presbyter of the North Texas District of the I.F.G.E.A. He lives on 40 acres just outside Paradise, Texas.

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