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30 Charming Fantasy Short Stories to Transport You into a Child's Dream World

Abigail and 30 Wonderful Things

Perfect for a boy or a girl, this book tells the story of Abigail.

Abigail is a very real girl living in a magical house by the sea in the tiny kingdom of Rhode Island. Her grandmother resides in a cozy garden apartment at the foot of the stairs (in a basement that's much more than a basement). Overhead, an apartment hunkers under shadowed eaves, and warm, Portuguese laughter spills from the open windows into the walled garden far below.

Quivering ferns cling to the rock walls keeping Mr. and Mrs. Mole safe from New England's storms, and a burbling stone fountain whispers secret confidences to the scattered rays of afternoon sun.

Sparrows flit from the pine forest perched on the windswept promontory, and they sing the forest fairies' secrets to the frogs far below.

All-in-all, Abigail leads a pretty perfect life in her Rhode Island house by the sea. She helps her mother in the kitchen, and she counts her father's fingers while he tells her the secrets of tomorrow.

And occasionally, just every now and then, Abigail peers out her windows toward the sea, and when the moon comes out, or the wind blows in a new direction, she sees some very wonderful things.

This is Abigail's story of what she's discovered, from hummingbirds inviting her to a tea party, to a horse with feathered wings, to a toad that makes jokes (plus 27 more wonderful things). When you've finished this tale, I'm sure you'll agree. Abigail is the luckiest girl in the whole-wide world.


You will enjoy 30 engaging tales that will capture your heart and imagination.

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