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A screenplay that will bring Se'Yan't to life all over again!

Genocide on Se'Yan't

A Screenplay

All Fall Down, the novel upon which Genocide on Se'Yan't  is based, is a dynamic tale of a galactic corporation run amok. 

In this screenplay rendition of All Fall Down, relive Bofsky's vengeance, Holcum's fall into darkness, and Rezalton's story of the marble and his love and loss of the older brother that was his hero.

Follow Rjorck's rebirth through the centuries, and his devastation when his entire world is decimated before his eyes. Find yourself in Braxtn, dismissed from MegaCorp, then hailed as a hero that can ensure the success of the behemoth's final mission to save what's left of the garden planet Se'Yan't.

These are the characters you know, love, and sometimes hate, brought back to life in a whole new format.

If you like going to the movies to see your favorite book come to life, you need this screenplay. 

Get it today.

An amazing blend of novel and screen that will keep your interest.

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