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Help is possible through a relationship with Jesus!

How to Save an Addict's Life ... and Keep Your Sanity!

In this book, I will share what to do and how to address the loved one or friend in addiction, and how to confront the addict and keep your sanity in the process. The person you once knew is not the same person now in addiction.

Once in addiction, often the person's behaviors, moods, and character (being secretive, defensive, or lying) slowly change, although sometimes (but not often) this happens quickly. Soon, troubles in relationships, work, health, and financial and legal issues, to name a few, are present. We may not see all these issues in the beginning stages. I must emphasize and stress that you may simply put a "yet" behind each statement.

Repeated use of drugs actually changes the brain, including the part of the brain that gives a person self-control. The one using the drug usually knows it's not good for them and may stop for a while, only to return to using once again. I wanted to stop for years. Every night I'd make the statement, "This is it; I'm stopping; tomorrow I want . . ."

We need real talk and not clinical jargon on the subject of addiction. Out of the thousands I have met in addiction, I cannot recall a case where it (addiction) got better or the addict just up and permanently quit one day by choice or without help.

How do we confront the addict successfully?

How do we advise them and help them without getting pulled down ourselves?

What is and isn't our part when trying to help? How we keep our sanity during this whole process of identifying, advising, and then seeking help is a question that needs real answers.

This book provides those answers.

Published by Clay Worrell Ministries.

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