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An organizing resource every home office must have!

Organizing Your Home Office for a More Successful You

A book you'll refer to over and over!

I started work at a soda fountain in my local mall when I was fifteen. That’s when I first became aware of the importance of an organized workspace. From keeping track of the receipts to reloading the ice cream in the displays, if something wasn’t where I needed it, it slowed down my service to my customers.

I never forgot that, either, when I moved to a secretarial position in a window replacement shop. I used what I learned at the soda fountain, and I expanded it to improve my customer service to make the clients’ experience better. I took phone calls, scheduled home visits, and even helped walk-ins who just showed up without an appointment. It was a lesson I took to heart.

As I moved into telephone sales, became an executive assistant, and even manned the front desk for a large, international organization, one thing became clear to me over and over.

Organization was key to my success no matter where I worked.

When I set up my home office, I started off in a walk-in closet. My skills at organization were crucial to survival in such a small space, but I used what I’d learned over the years, and it worked for me. I was in that closet for years before we moved and I got an entire room that was for my office alone.

Anyone who walks into my home office today will see many of these principles in place. Others I use in my commercial office I share with the Vice President. (Yes, I still work outside the home.) When my schedule begins to swamp me, and I feel pressed for time, do I slip up on these rules occasionally? Everyone does. It only reminds me how important each of these suggestions is for an efficient and productive work space, and I pull out my shredder and my trash can, and I shred it all back into line.

Now close your eyes and picture an organized day.

This dream can be yours.

I’ve included over 150 stylish and practical tips to make your home office a bright and welcoming space you’ll want to enter every day.

Pick and choose. The options are virtually endless.

You will work more efficiently.

You’ll be more refreshed when the day is done. You won’t regret making the effort.

Good luck with designing your perfect home office, and through the process, may you become a more successful you!


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