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Trusting Heart Reunion

Volume 1 in an uplifting new set of engaging novels, The Reunion Series

Beautiful and successful Texas Widow Jane Waggoner is fully prepared to let her 40th class reunion slip by unattended.

That is until Cord Rivera shows up in town.

Best friend Peggy Lynn Johnson knows there was a rift 40 years earlier that drove the high school sweethearts apart, but Jane’s hurt goes deeper than Peggy knows.

When Jane agrees to refurbish Cord’s old family ranch house in time for the reunion, she has no choice but to attend. She thinks it’s her handiwork that Cord wants to display.

Cord has his eyes set on Jane, and he can be very charming.

It’s a whirlwind 6-week remodel on an historic hacienda, but things swirl even faster in Cord and Jane’s electric reunion.

Trusting Heart Reunion is a Christian romance safe for all ages to read.


Look for Timeless Heart Reunion and True Heart Reunion coming spring and summer 2018!

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