My Jesus Journey - Glissando

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The Follow-up Companion to My Jesus Journey: Rhapsody.

My Jesus Journey: Glissando

"Each morning when I arise, God's presence surrounds me. I bask in His majesty, in awe of His good works in my life!"

Tim Barker, the Superintendent of the South Texas District of the Assemblies of God, speaks from his innermost being. He wants to share his awe of the majesty of God.

Even so, 2020 has been the Year of the Great Disruption. No book written at this time would be complete without speaking of that, so Tim has assembled a series of devotions and teachings to help you survive and thrive in this tumultuous time.

Sample titles include God’s Presence, The Truth of Salvation, Come Holy Spirit, Raised to a New Life, Trust in the Legacy of Jesus, The Cross Has the Final Word, and dozens more.

No one should be without this book. God’s divine love and power will flow through you as you bask in the revealed truth of His tender mercies and desire for you to come to redemption.

A Message from the Desk of Tim Barker:

We can choose to see 2020 as a disaster or as an opportunity. So much has taken us unaware, and we are still reeling as we try to regain our feet after the battering of a world-wide pandemic and the fallout that has darkened our nation.

The truth is that only the salvation of the lost matters in the wider scheme of things. To achieve this, we must be loyal to each other, cast off the mantle of “fool,” and trust in the legacy of Jesus. Yes, I’ve covered these topics and more in this book. You will be inspired and on fire for God by the time you reach the final page.

I have been honored to serve in the offices of the South Texas District of the Assemblies of God, giving me a wider voice to proclaim the saving mercy of the cross. Our outreach to sinners is the ultimate purpose of our walk with Jesus, a task we willingly take on when we come to Him.

This is my passion, and you are invited to stand at my side as we reach out to the lost in the name of Jesus.

Tim R. Barker, D. Min.

About Tim:

Reverend Tim R. Barker is the Superintendent of the South Texas District of the Assemblies of God which is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

He is a graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in General Ministries/Biblical Studies, with a minor in music. He also received a Master of Arts in Practical Theology from SAGU and received his Doctorate of Ministry Degree from West Coast Seminary.

Reverend Barker and his wife, Jill, married in 1983, have been blessed with two daughters. Jordin and her husband, Stancle Williams, who serves as the South Texas District Youth Director. Abrielle and her husband, Nolan McLaughlin, are church planters of Motion Church in San Antonio. The Barkers have four grandchildren, Braylen, Emory and Landon Williams and Kingston McLaughlin.

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The Last Hula Hoop Repairman

The Last Hula Hoop Repairman Front Cover for Web Insertion

The Last Hula Hoop Repairman is the sequel to the treasured story that introduced Uncle Hula Hoop and J.C.

In the original story, J.C. is a nine-year-old boy who takes his broken Hula Hoop to Hubert Horatio Higgins the Third to be repaired.

They develop a close relationship, with J.C. affectionately calling Mr. Higgins Uncle Hula Hoop.

Uncle Hula Hoop has health complications due to exposure to Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. He has COPD and Parkinson’s Disease. He uses  a wheelchair to get about. A devout Christian, he witnesses to J.C. about Jesus, with J.C. eventually turning his life over to Jesus at the end of the book.

In The Last Hula Hoop Repairman, J.C. has grown up and is now a Christian writer living in St. Louis. He receives a call that Uncle Hula Hoop has experienced a catastrophic health setback.

J.C. rushes to his old friend’s side, only to be sent on a mission. What has become of Uncle Hula Hoop’s old army buddies, the men known as the Hula Hoop repairmen?

In this powerful tale, J.C. uncovers the miraculous redemptive power of Jesus Christ, and he makes a new connection with Uncle Hula Hoop, one that has been a lifetime in the making.

This story will engage your heart, make you laugh, and bring home the importance of witnessing to the lost.

About Sandy Jackson:

Sandy Jackson is a retired substance abuse counselor. He published his first two books at age 70.

Sandy’s first published work was a children’s book, Daisy and Dean Fly Together, about a deaf boy dragonfly, Dean, who meets a blind girl dragonfly, Daisy, and they help each other hear and see the world together.

He published a second book that year, It’s a Happy Life On A Merry-Go-Round, a collection of poems, songs and short stories he had written over a period of thirty years.

Some of the stories, songs and poems appear in The Last Hula Hoop Repairman. Sandy is a born-again Christian and credits the Holy Spirit in guiding him in his writings and illustrations.

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