God Uses Evangelism Cover for Kindle vol2

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A vital message for the modern Christian world!

Christ comes to live in our hearts.

But he doesn’t stay there, not if we do as the scriptures instruct. He reaches out through our words, our actions, and our generosity to those around us.

In “A World of Apostles,” we learn that we have a job, and it’s to represent Christ in everything we do.

“Best Under Pressure” reminds us that our walk with the Savior isn’t always easy.

“God’s Offensive Line” says we must risk everything for our Lord.

“Misers Beware” notifies us that our Christian ministry involves our pocketbook just as much as our words of encouragement.

“The Wall of Honor” is our stark eye-opener that the world sees us as we are, not as we pretend to be.

An additional 20 essays will encourage you and motivate you to step out for Christ and share him with everyone you meet.

We are evangelists, whether we wear that label officially or not. When we allow the love of Christ to flow from us unto a needy world, we spread the gospel one person at a time.

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