Gods Lightning Fire Front v7

A Science Fiction Tale to Take Your Breath Away!

A Remnant of the Human Race Survives Until the End of Time . . .

The Higgs, a ship carrying 5,000 colonists in cold storage, is vaulted far into the future, with no hope of returning home. It’s a catastrophe gone very, very wrong. Something totally unexpected happens as the ship is drawn closer and closer to the black hole that threatens them and has now consumed all available matter and energy. Time becomes malleable, no more than the pages of a book to peruse at leisure, flipping from scene to scene, reliving history – or the future – at a whim. It’s like stepping through a curtain and finding a different world on the other side.

Or a different when.

In this new and unknown world, 10 crew become gods, 4 take on the role of shades, and the 5,000 have no choice but to worship or die. When one young man learns he’s really good at navigating the curtains to the other whens, he becomes a force that can change the fate of the gods.

This is Levi's smash follow up to his debut novel, The God Curse

Here's what Levi has to say about this book: I grew up with tales of South African gods haunting my dreams. Then one night, I dreamed of gods of my own, and this is the story that grew out of that.

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About the Author . . .

Levi Kristoffer Castle was born in Finland. His family moved to Johannesburg when he was five, and he spent his youth exploring the bushveld around Sterkrivier in the Limpopo province of South Africa. After high school, he settled into NYC life as a college student. Now he splits his time between his Houston, Texas, home and his family’s mountain cabin in western North Carolina. His wife, son, and two dogs happily join him when they can. The Gods, Lighting and Fire is his second novel.