God Renews Our Relat Cover for Kindle Vol 2

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Others find Jesus through us.

His earthly hand is found in the flesh of ours. Without our muscles, sinews, and bones, the saving message of our Lord falls flat. No one will hear it, because we’re not there to live it out for them.

The Holy Word of God is lived out through us.


We live out God’s Word in the way we interact with those around us. How do we respond to hurt, intentional or otherwise, or slights to our sense of self-importance? Do pinpricks of pain turn into slashing blows of cruelty, or are we overly sensitive because we’re having a bad day, and we forget others have them, too?

In “Finding Our Love Zone,” read about living in the sweet spot where we can let people be more important than our possessions. “Purple and Fine Linen” is our reminder to treat our fellow travelers as God’s children. “The Weaving Machine” reveals the differences in each of us, and that God treasures us for that very reason.

When we step away from us and step into the shoes of others, the world will be forever changed, and the lost will find Jesus in us.

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