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A riotous memoir everyone can enjoy!

Teaching Is All About the Kids . . .

Except when real  life gets in the way. 

Follow along from that first contract, when nothing is familiar, and the idea of standing in front of a 4th-grade class leaves you shaking in your boots, through campus changes, teaching the same students three years in a row, and State Legislature mandates that send everyone out of their comfort zone.

If you’ve ever wanted to teach, or know someone who’s just starting out, get them this book. Farley’s story isn’t just about the kids, it’s about life with the kids, both inside and outside the classroom. Teaching in the public school system affects every part of his life, from dating to marriage to raising his son. It dictates where he lives and how he’s treated by his neighbors. When you teach, even your vacations are intertwined with your job, and you never leave your kids behind.

Even when you want to!

This is the best book about what it means to be an educator that’s hit the market in decades.

Here's what Farley has to say about this book: I suppose it transpired like I remember, but then, I’m not known for my excellent memory. I’ve changed the names and most of the places; and the humor, well, that’s all mine. Most of it wasn’t especially funny at the time.

Read the first chapters free! Click here! Pass the Straitjacket, Please, Chapters 1-2

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Farley Dunn is the author of over twenty published novels. Pass the Straitjacket, Please, is his humorous (and sometimes not-so-humorous) memoir of his 35-year teaching career in his hometown. Find more about Farley at or go to to find more of his books.