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Lou Reinhardt is a woman in control.

Her husband died in the Oklahoma oil fields, and she fled to an offshore rig to find peace with his death. On Sunshine Gulf, she stands up for herself and takes nothing from anyone.

Chad Dickson is the inspector sent to shut down Oil Platform No. 6. When he shows up with his teenage son, Chaddie, in tow, Lou is furious. An oil rig is no place for a boy, and she wants him gone.

A spark ignites between the two, in spite of Lou’s good intentions. Chaddie unknowingly fans the flames between them when he teases his father about Lou.

Chaddie’s great-grandfather, Wally, arrives on the skirts of a building storm to fetch Chaddie home. It’s more than that, though. He’s a vindictive man out to destroy Chad’s budding romance. He was spurned by Lou’s grandmother years before, and now he sees his second chance. He intends to take it, too, whether Lou wants him to or not. His sudden heart attack saves Lou, but Chad fails to read Wally’s true intentions. He thinks Lou was involved of her own volition.

When the building storm begins to lash Sunshine Gulf with hurricane force winds, matters take a turn for the worse. The platform is compromised and begins a terrifying collapse into the sea. Is there any possibility for rescue when the strongest hurricane of the decade whips the seas to deadly heights? Will anything be left when the storm finally subsides?

Even more importantly, has Wally mangled Lou’s chance for love beyond all hope of redemption, or is love still out there, waiting to be found, somewhere in the storm?

The third book in the new and exciting Hurricane of the Heart romance series.

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