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Her Face Is Horrifically Destroyed

The fourth installment in The Se'Yan't Chronicles will leave you breathless.

UnderGen’l Holcum is the most powerful woman on the greatest space-faring battleship ever built. She wields that power with great fervor, and anyone who dares get in her way doesn’t get a second chance.

In the final minutes of a devastating attack by an unknown and vastly more powerful enemy, Holcum suffers unimaginable injuries. She barely makes it to an escape pod before her ship is wiped from the sky.

Her rescue comes a century later when her escape pod crash lands on a remote and very poor planet. She strikes out at her rescuers, venting her anger at her gross disfigurement and the poverty-stricken life she must eke out simply to survive.

During a raid, crippled and unable to run, Holcum suffers the ultimate indignity. Soon she finds she is with child. She treats her daughter no better than she treats the people who have provided her a home on her hated new world.

Hate begets hate, and as the years and decades pass, Holcum’s legacy creates a dynasty of cruelty that fosters fear across the world. Killing off excess granddaughters is part of the plan. No one escapes the iron fist of the Grandmothers. No one.

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