Rant PS 5.5x8.5 Cover Front v2 reduced

The Beginning of a Nightmare . . .

Rant is no dream world. It's a prison for the galaxy's worst offenders. Once you are dumped there, there is no escape.

Some say death is a better option.

Book I in The Se'Yan't Chronicles gave us Bofsky, the monster who slashed destruction across the garden world of Se'Yan't. Book II gives us a glimpse of the friends he cast aside and the lengths they dared go to ensure their nemesis' downfall.

Renhant, Jer'son, and Barn't are only 17. They are the lambs sacrificed to the jaws of the beast, on a world where there is no law, no restraint, and no way to escape.

One man offers them a chance for safety . . .

If they can find him before their world is ravaged by the cruel fist of their new and deadly home.

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