A family-friendly read with the most outrageous church family you'll ever find in a G-rated book! You'll love, laugh, and say "oh, my" at what goes on between these church members!

Chipper wants to eat the family parakeet. It’s the reason Karen Wycliff is unexpectedly thrown into a romantic tête-à-tête with a handsome construction worker in her backyard.

When the city paper posts a picture taken with their new crime prevention surveillance helicopter, Karen’s innocent assignation becomes the talk of the town.

Worse, her church members are certain she’s become a woman of loose morals. When Karen meets two other men the same weekend, and she finds herself attracted to all three, she’s certain her church is right. After all, her daughter had Chipper at 16, her teenage son is girl crazy, and her husband is in Mexico with his secretary.

When one of the three men winds up in the hospital for defending Karen’s honor during a confrontation at a local restaurant, Karen is desperate to find more about him. Yet, the hospital turns her away as she doesn’t even know his name.

It seems life can’t take Karen any lower when her ex and his new wife show up at her house and she learns he married someone half his age.

It’s Karen’s brother Eddy who thinks all three men might be one and the same. Karen doesn’t think it’s possible. Eddy gets one chance to show his sister the truth. Karen is throwing a massive birthday party, her last one ever, when the mysterious man shows up at her door!

Can God bring the two fractured souls together? Eddy is willing to bet his sister's happiness that He can!

About the Author:

Charisse “Chrissy” McAuliffe grew up entranced by her mother’s soap operas. She began writing her own at age 11, but it took another ten years, two failed relationships, one eaten bird (not a parakeet!), and a newly wonderful husband for this story to come to life. Today Ms. McAuliffe lives in North Georgia in the Blue Ridge Mountains near a waterfall. She sleeps with her windows open during the summer so she can soak it all in. She claims she has another story or two percolating in her head waiting to find their way onto her computer.

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