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The Collapsing House

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Daggett Priestly is a surfing god.

At least that’s what his houseguest Skylar Johnson tells everyone who’ll listen. However, Daggett lives with a private demon he can’t shake off. Unloved by his mother as a child, he feels everyone will abandon him in the end. The ocean and his surfing buddies are the only security he’s ever known.

Geri Ridgway has a different take on Daggett the Golden Haired God. She hopes he loves her, but he’s never told her so. She knows there’s only one thing he can truly love, and that’s the ocean just outside their door.

There’s another problem they must face. In a recent quake, their washing machine fell through the floor, crashing through the undergrowth towards the beach nearly a hundred feet below. Geri becomes convinced that if their house truly falls into the sea, her relationship with Daggett will crumble, too.

Corky Maiterson meets up with them at Surfjam in Carmel. He helped raise Daggett, but Geri knows something Corky doesn’t. He’s more than just a father figure to her.

When an earthquake hits Napa Valley the final day of the contest, they wonder if their house will be there when they return. Corky joins them on the long ride home. Maybe, just maybe, Daggett and Geri will learn how strong their love can really be.

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