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A clean and inspirational read perfect for the entire family!

Life is falling apart for Trooper Kincaid.

His international ministry is booming, but at what cost? He’s estranged from his wife and he can’t understand his daughter. His teenage twin boys share a home with him, but little else. Overspending threatens to cripple the ministry’s precarious finances.

His one bright spot is his eldest son who is being groomed to assume the leadership of the massive organization known as Trooper Kincaid Christian Ministries.

Yet Trooper’s son harbors a secret he’s never shared with anyone. He knows he’s a sham and not fit to helm his father’s ministry. If it ever comes out, he’ll lose his fiancée and cripple everything his father’s worked for all his life.

Then Bucky Simms comes calling. He’s a newspaperman with a reputation for taking organizations to task for hidden flaws, real or imagined.

Can Trooper and his family restore their relationships and save the ministry? They have one afternoon to find the redemption that seems to be slipping through their fingers.

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