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A family-friendly romance everyone can enjoy!

One Woman . . . Two Months . . . Four Marriages

A rollicking romance with the craziest cast imaginable, from a one-legged man to a raucous rooster. Follow this eclectic ensemble to Hawaii, where Angelique, widowed on her wedding day, hopes to escape to paradise on her ill-fated honeymoon, only to be shadowed by almost everyone in the wedding party, most of whom want something from her: a share of her dead husband’s money. Angelique slowly realizes the man she married wasn’t the man she thought he was.

It’s when Squeegie, her surprise 8-year-old stepdaughter, shows up at the resort with a senile grandmother in tow that Angelique has to face a devastating realization: Not only was her precious Lucas taken from her, but his fortune might belong to someone else, also.

The only person in the wedding party who seems to understand Angelique’s plight is Houston. Angelique finds his shoulders broad enough to carry her grief, and he is attractive, too. The problem is, Houston is in a relationship with another man.

Or is he?

Nothing is as Angelique thinks it is, but one thing is certain. Love is waiting for her on her tropical island. The real question is, will she open her eyes before love boards a plane to disappear into the blue skies forever?

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