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Katie Carver's idyllic island home was destroyed years before by a deadly fire.

When she returns after a fourteen-year absence, she finds Jeff Ragsdale, her adolescent crush, is the pilot of the boat taking her out to her property.

She is surprised to find the dock in good repair, and taken aback to see the old sleeping cabin freshly painted. Even more amazing is her old sailing skiff tied to a buoy just off shore.

When her good friend Winnie Catron shows up, Katie is pulled into a whirlwind of activities that draws her ever closer to the boy she'd left behind so many years before.

The only problem she's facing is that he's now a man, and she can hardly turn him down, especially as he seems to turn up just around every corner.

What will Katie do when she finds the entire town thinks Jeff is in love with her?

Only her heart knows for sure.

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