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Slate hates dying.

It’s the coming back to life he can’t make sense of.

Each time he returns, he’s in a different life on a different world, yet surrounded by the same people, even if he isn’t sure exactly who they are to him.

There is a bigger picture to the unusual existence Slate endures. A militaristic New Sabbatical Rome pursues him in each of his lives, endeavoring to be the ones to personally destroy him; an ancient race far across the galaxy has seen him in their dreams, and they are frightened of what he is to them; and a god–of sorts–is perhaps helping Slate, although the help he receives seldom feels like the help he needs.

The real question dogging Slate is: Can he figure it all out before humanity is destroyed by creatures so evil they will not rest until mankind has been wiped from the face of every world in the known galaxy?

A team of brilliant scientists and hardy soldiers manipulates Slate’s existence, determined he will be successful no matter how many ways they have to kill him.

Slate’s only hope to end his bizarre cycle of life and death is to learn the answers to the questions he hasn’t yet been asked. Once he has those answers, he hopes to be able to fight back and win his freedom from yet another horrific demise.

Who knew just staying alive could be so hard?

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