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The Mystery of the Pain

A Fuller Life in the Holy Spirit

Difficult, painful situations are never enjoyable. Yet, in God's divine, mysterious way, He offers us the opportunity to look to Him for direction. He gives us two choices: to walk in greater fullness of the Holy Spirit or allow our pain to push us away from God.

This book from long-term pastor, father, and teacher Larry Wayne Elder covers eight challenges the modern Christian faces:

1. Recognizing the Call of Christ
2. Learning to See the World through God's Perspective
3. Shifting Our Expectations from People to God
4. Discovering How to Hear from God
5. Claiming the Anointing Power of the Holy Spirit
6. Becoming Relevant to the World Around Us
7. Living a Life of Holiness in Christ
8. Regaining Our Focus on God and His Love for Us

The pain of your current situation can be the very thing that God uses to vault you to a closer, more intimate relationship with Him. Christ is our example. His life is our blueprint for successful living.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of a fuller life in the Holy Spirit? 

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