Ocracoke Island Kindle Cover

An Outer Banks Mystery

A drug bust during a blustery gale.

A sailboat offshore at midnight with no one aboard.

When the drugs are nowhere to be found, and clues suggest the boat is linked to the drug bust, it is impounded at Silver Lake.

Lieutenant Diane Turnipseed of the C-District Dare County Sheriff’s Office takes on a retiring sheriff who wants to shut down her intercounty investigative team.

Then the sailboat goes missing and a dead man is found floating in the surf, giving the investigation new life.

When Shelby Ellison shows up with bruises on her face, all attention turns to Springer’s Point, the spit of land where Blackbeard the pirate met his end. A family is missing, and they only hope they are in time.

The question hovers in Diane’s mind: Is Shelby telling the truth … or is this a ploy to cover up her own involvement in the missing cache of drugs?

This is Book 2 in the Outer Banks Mystery series. Follow Diane Turnipseed as she leads her investigative team on an all-new adventure. You won't be disappointed!

Look for more Outer Banks Mysteries with Lt. Turnipseed and her Dare County Team coming soon!

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