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By son, father, and pastor James Polnick:


Becoming the Man God Intended Me to Be 

A father’s role is vital for his children.

When that bond is missing, it is difficult for a child to connect to God’s unconditional love. This book is about how God became my Heavenly Father by placing men in my life to teach me how to become a man, husband and father by the lives they led.

This is my journey of becoming God’s son and the man He intended for me to be.

If you grew up fatherless, my prayer is that you will allow God the Father to reveal Himself to you and take any hurt and emptiness away.

My hope is that you will identify the men and women God places in your path to help you learn how to become the person He designed you to be. Instead of feeling fatherless, may you realize that you too are FATHERMORE, as you celebrate God’s goodness and the other fathers He places in your life to fill any earthy void.

May you, as the reader, see the value in mentoring others and find God as Father and learn about Him from your own example.

— James Polnick

This book by son, father, and pastor James Polnick offers an engaging journey that will impact you in a profound way.

About James Polnick:

James Polnick-Pesnell is the lead pastor of LifePoint Church in Magnolia, Texas, that he and his wife, Gina, planted in 2009. He has an impeccable love for God and people and a desire to reach the lost and help them to develop an authentic relationship with the Lord. James and his wife have four children (two that are married) and one granddaughter. 

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