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Rise of the Lady Warriors

It's the year 2041.

Six women represent America's best hope for survival.

Organized into three two-person crews, they operate prototype assault tanks built for the U.S. Military. These prototypes survive a cascade of political events that lead to the destruction of much of the world's infrastructure and political stability.

These women represent the last vestige of order and civilization in a world that no longer has room for either. They soon learn that they are not the only surviving power fighting for control.

In a world where there is no one else to whom people can turn, they step up their game and accept the challenge.

They become legendary as The Lady Warriors, the last defenders of Constitutional law, the rights of the American people, and the helpless survivors scrabbling for a toehold in a society run amok.

Yes, they are the Last Defenders.

Never has so much depended on so few.

You will be caught up in this exciting tale that pits the abilities of those in the field of battle with the military hierarchy that wants to manipulate them.

Author David K. Brown has envisioned a graphic and thought-provoking future America that feels real and could easily come true. This is a read you don't want to miss.

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