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An Outer Banks Mystery

Two teen boys come across a body in the grass alongside the road.

Lieutenant Diane Turnipseed of the C-District Dare County Sheriff’s Office takes on the task of searching for clues to the man’s identity.

Blood is found in a local eatery’s restroom. Then, an explosion on the beach nearly takes out the Medical Examiner, and events take a darker turn.

A storm slashes the island, threatening to obscure any remaining clues only to reveal one instead.

When a home video recorded by a Texas couple on the two-hour ferry passage from Cedar Island suggests a dead body in a man’s car, Lieutenant Turnipseed’s team hope they have turned the tide in the investigation.

Instead, a startling revelation from a teenage girl threatens to derail the investigation, only to provide the one clue that might bring this harrowing case to its final conclusion.

About this book:

A wedding, a drive halfway across the country, and a weekend on the Outer Banks for a sister who wanted to see one thing: Ocracoke Island.

And this book was born.

The book opens with two teen boys and their truck on the side of the road, their dogs in the back, and a dead body in the dunes. While driving down the Banks on that wedding weekend, we happened by a similar scene (no dead people, of course), and between us that day, we worked numerous members of the wedding party into the story.

I changed the names a bit, but I enjoyed our story so much that I wrote it down.

I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as we did.

Look for more Outer Banks Mysteries with Lt. Turnipseed and her Dare County Team coming soon!

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