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When God speaks to you, you are wise to listen!

God Talk

Does God Speak Today? A Life Journey of Listening...

"Calvin, I will make a way!" 

Calvin heard the Voice of the Lord many times throughout his ministry, and each time, he recognized the Voice and knew he must follow one overriding principle: Heed the new direction the Lord was leading, even as he strived to understand that God’s timing was His own.

Sometimes, it was a change of ministry. At other times, the Voice was a message that he would one day pastor a specific church or even encouragement or a specific Word to pray for healing for a certain person. Perhaps, the most touching was the instance which demanded an immediate change of course in his actions and the result prevented a deadly tragedy.

In this intriguing narrative he shares openly a score of occasions in which God Talk changed the course of his life and the journey of those he loved in phenomenal ways. When God Talks, we’re wise to listen, whatever it is God has to say.

We can’t force the Voice of God to speak to us. That isn’t our prerogative! God Talks when we need to hear His Word of Truth. The question reverberates: Are we listening?

This book will change your ideas on how to walk in the footsteps of our Master, Lord, and King. We must be responsive to God, take Him at His word, and step out when He asks us to make choices we would never make on our own.

Are you ready to hear God Talk?

About the Author:

Calvin Durham is the author of five books and contributor to numerous religious periodicals. His writings are specifically designed to assist the believer in his purpose of being and the non-believer to understand and expand his spiritual concepts of God’s grace. This book, GOD TALK, has been described by some pre-publication analysists as “perhaps the greatest book the author will ever write.”

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