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Inspiration for Today's Church from the Desk of Tim Barker

Your Invitation to Christ

Your Calling to a Better Life

What’s the secret to a better life?

How can we reach the pinnacle the world tells us we should strive for?

The truth is, we can’t! No matter how high we reach, how many hours we work, all the connections we forge, success is always just one more handshake, one more paycheck, one more deal away!!

The only secret to a better life is no secret at all. It’s through a relationship with Jesus Christ!!

How, you ask? What’s the trick to this relationship that leads to a better life than we are able to achieve on our own?

No tricks. Jesus never tries to mislead us, pull the wool over our eyes, or does anything in secret.

In fact, He offers us an Invitation to the Greatest Show on Earth: Heaven. The world is getting ready as I write this. We’ve got a future you won’t believe, and it’s better than elephants, lions, and fancy moves on the high wire.

Our Invitation to Christ guarantees us six things. Once we accept Christ’s invitation we can:

1. Rest. It’s ours in the midst of whatever comes our way.

2. See. Our eyes are opened to the supernatural.

3. Follow. Christ is our only true leader.

4. Drink. The ambrosia of Jesus becomes ours.

5. Dine. We will find renewal in our fellowship with our Lord.

6. Inherit. The Kingdom will one day be ours. It’s called Heaven.

Now you know, and since you’ve read this, you can never unknow. Salvation comes through Christ. God desires our presence, and we draw closer to Him through our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Heaven is waiting. I want to be there.

Join me today, won’t you?

A Message from the Desk of Tim Barker:

As the District Superintendent for the South Texas District of the Assemblies of God, I see sharing the Gospel as my God-directed mission.

When I consider the teachings of Christ, I want everyone to realize the thrill of salvation. It's more than just a dream for the future. It benefits us now in very real ways.

Join me in walking with Jesus. Your journey to eternity with God can begin now. Open your heart to Jesus and invite Him in.

Tim R. Barker, D. Min.

About Tim:

Reverend Tim R. Barker is the Superintendent of the South Texas District of the Assemblies of God which is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

He is a graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in General Ministries/Biblical Studies, with a minor in music. He also received a Master of Arts in Practical Theology from SAGU and received his Doctorate of Ministry Degree from West Coast Seminary.

Reverend Barker was ordained by the Assemblies of God in 1989. He began his ministry in the South Texas District in 1984 as youth & music minister and continued his ministry as Pastor, Executive Presbyter (2006 – 2009) and Executive Secretary-Treasurer (2009 – 2011) in the South Texas District, where he served until his election as the South Texas District Superintendent in 2011.

By virtue of his district office, Reverend Barker is a member of the District’s Executive Presbytery and the General Presbytery of the General Council of the Assemblies of God, Springfield, Missouri. He is a member of the Executive Board of Regents for Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Waxahachie, Texas, and SAGU-American Indian College, Phoenix, Arizona. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Pleasant Hills Children’s Home, Fairfield, Texas, as well as numerous other boards and committees.

Reverend Barker and his wife, Jill, married in 1983, have been blessed with two daughters. Jordin and her husband, Stancle Williams, who serves as the South Texas District Youth Director. Abrielle and her husband, Nolan McLaughlin, are church planters of Motion Church in San Antonio. The Barkers have four grandchildren, Braylen, Emory and Landon Williams and Kingston McLaughlin.

His unique style of pulpit ministry and musical background challenges the body of Christ, with an appeal that reaches the generations.

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