JSavell Crack House

Inspiration for the Parent of Anyone That's Dealt with a Addicted Adult Son or Daughter

The Crack House Rescue

Raising a Granddaughter and Saving a Daughter from Addiction

A Young Life Hangs in the Balance

Is this what a crack house looks like...?

Julia Savell walks into her daughter’s apartment to pick up her fourteen-month-old granddaughter, and that is the question she faces.

Over the next decade, Julia confronts the uphill battle of saving two lives, her daughter’s and her granddaughter’s. As a working mom, she is challenged with raising a granddaughter while battling her daughter’s drug habit, lies, and two unwanted pregnancies.

Julia knows two things: She cannot give up on her daughter and granddaughter, and she must trust fully in the awesome saving power of her Heavenly Father.

To find her place of strength, Julia relies on her Christian faith and places her family in the loving arms of Christ. He is the only one that can turn around the devastation that threatens to tear apart the lives of two people she loves more than life itself.

About the Author:

Julia Savell received her Bachelor of Science degree in early childhood education from the University of Houston. She is a public school teacher in Texas. She and her husband have four adult children and seven grandchildren. Her passion is music and she and her husband are members of their local church’s praise and worship team. Julia’s hobbies include bicycling and kayaking in the bayous and lakes of the Gulf Coast region of Texas.

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