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Divine Healing by the Divine Healer

A Study Into the Actions and Applications of Jesus Healing the Sick

"If you know someone in need of healing, get them this book!" -Dr. Jesse Duplantis, founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries

During his 50-year ministry, Pastor Sidney Woods has seen instant miracles: hearing and sight restored and people walking for the 1st time. He’s prayed for cancers to be removed, backs to be healed and the demon-possessed to be freed. God has answered time and again!

Sidney has also personally faced over 30 major surgeries and coded in front of doctors. The devil tried to kill him but couldn’t do it. God has been his healing each and every time. Today he stands before you and says, “Divine Healing ... is still being performed in the lives of people today.”

Sidney encourages, “There is a desperate need for people to act on what they have read in the Bible.”

This book will help you find your Divine Healing in God's Word:
                –From a Life Dominating Infirmity
                –Anytime and in Anyplace
                –Body, Soul and Spirit
                –Not Limited Only to the Living
                –Happening Only in Christ
                –Over Chronic Sickness
                –From Demon Possession
                –In the Body’s Skeletal Structure
                –Is Connected to Our Faith to Believe
                –Not Needing the Approval of Others

You can be healed right now! The Divine Healer holds out His hand to you.

Step One is to Seek Your Healing ...
Step Two is to Receive Your Healing

Order this book today. You will be glad you did!

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