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Includes the bonus "Proven Keys to Expane in Troubled Times."

Revealing Secrets of a Successful Life & Ministry

This bonus edition contains all the original powerful interviews plus Bishop Danny Johnson’s keys for growth in trying times. If you are a pastor, in ministry leadership or are a mature Christian, the purpose of this book is to encourage, empower and strengthen you with “lived wisdom, knowledge and understanding” from today’s most successful pastors.

The Holy Spirit inspired me to seek out today’s “Living Generals” of ministry and ask them real and raw questions about their failures and problems in their early years of ministry and aha moments or breakthroughs in their relationship with God, marriage, family, and ministry.

Here are examples of the questions I presented to each participant:

1. What do you consider the most successful, fruitful aspect of YOUR personal ministry over the years? WHY?

2. What do you consider to be the most crucial aspects of spiritual, fruitful pastoral leadership?

3. How do you seek and receive God’s guidance and direction for doing His work and serving His church?

4. What is the most vital piece of advice that you would give to other pastors who want to achieve a fruit-bearing, God-pleasing lifetime of pastoral leadership?

5. What quality has allowed you to lead others and work with others well?

6. What is your daily routine like, the SECRET SAUCE that has kept you when so many have given up?

Look for three sections under each pastor’s name:

1. The Interview.

2. Nuggets taken directly from the Interview.

3. A Behind the Camera short conversation with me on Danger Signals, Green Lights, and Daily Meditation.

The Nuggets and Behind the Camera conversations are also combined into two easy-to-reference sections at the back of the book.

Grow your ministry! Grow your personal relationship with Christ! Grow your spousal relationship! Grow the Body of Christ through the truths presented in this powerful book!

About the Authors:

Clay and Felicia Worrell live in North Carolina where they are raising two preteen daughters. Clay's favorite statement is “Let’s go get our GIGANTIC life in the Lord!” You can find out more about Clay and Felicia at or

Published by Clay Worrell Ministries.

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