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There is a conflict about James and who he really was. There is no conflict in his belief that Jesus was the Lord and Savior.

James, although a Christian, was still very closely tied to the Jewish law and customs. Even as he relented to Paul’s entreaties on the matter of the Gentile Christians, James did not intend to give up his Jewish ways of living. The truth was that Paul was called to the Gentiles, and James was called to the Jewish Christians in and around Jerusalem. 

James was tied to the legalism of the Jewish faith, yet he was a moral and practical man. He became head of the Jerusalem Christian church and was an example of righteousness and holiness before God. He loved the church and his love for the church led to his death.

Follow along as Rev. Wilson illustrates the truths revealed in the book of James and teaches us to apply them to our 21st century lives. Your faith will grow and your connection to God will be stronger than ever before.

James was killed by the Jews, beaten to death at the age of ninety-five. God help us all to live out the passion of James for our Lord.

-Rev. David D. Wilson

David Wilson has been a Spirit-filled minister in the Pentecostal movement for over 45 years. He is currently sitting on the General Board of Directors of the International Full Gospel Evangelistic Association, Inc. with headquarters in Temple, Oklahoma, and is the Senior Presbyter of the North Texas District of the I.F.G.E.A. He lives on 40 acres just outside Paradise, Texas.

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