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The Human-Hybrid Project

Book Six

The military makes its presence known in Bay City.

Garik Shayk's induction and involvement in the Corona Tower's Human-Hybrid Project has destabilized Bay City.

The people have risen up. Fires burn in storefronts, and the Harbor Shipyards traffic is being obstructed.

The riots brought about by the Tower's cloaked secrecy and repeated refusal to tell the truth threaten to devastate the project and the military's substantial involvement.

Under the guise of quelling civil unrest, the military flexes its muscle to step in and assume control of Corona Tower and the vital Human-Hybrid Project.

Can Garik use the situation to his advantage to make his escape from the Tower a second time?

You may be fourteen and you may be forty. It makes no difference. This story will hook you, and you will want to discover every book in this series. 

About the Series:

The Human Hybrid Project is a ten-book series focused on Garik Shayk and his struggle to survive after he is forcibly inducted into the Human-Hybrid Project secreted deep within the super-secure sub-basements of the exclusive and off-limits Corona Tower.

Taking the Tower is the sixth book in this electrifying and fast-paced series.

Find out more, including character backstories, the history of Corona Tower, and overviews of each of the ten books in this phenomenal series at: www.thehumanhybridproject.com. 

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