Daisy and Dean Front Cover for Web Insertion

In Full Color with Sandy Jackson's hand-painted illustrations!

Daisy and Dean Friends Forever is the charming and engaging story of a visually impaired female dragonfly who bumps into a hearing-impaired male dragonfly. 

They develop a caring and affectionate relationship wherein they learn to communicate more effectively by teaching each other the communication skills of sign language and Braille reading.

Dean is smitten by Daisy and uses his newly acquired Braille reading skills to fashion a birthday card and Braille sign that establishes their close friendship. Sign language becomes their way of saying good-bye after sharing time together.

This book is perfect for children or anyone who interacts with the hearing or visually impaired.  

About Sandy Jackson: 

Retired from his calling as a substance abuse counselor, Mr. Jackson has worn hearing aids since age 20. His passion for those who struggle in life gives him an edge in his storytelling that will capture your heart and have you coming back for more.

Mr. Jackson illustrates his books with hand-drawn pictures when he can. He feels God gives him the images that bring his stories to life.

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