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An Autobiographical Memoir

My Dash

As Recounted by Mary Sue Turnipseed

From dirt floors to wall-to-wall carpet. Water from a well that now flows from the front of her refrigerator – and filtered, to boot.

This is a story ninety years in the making, starting at the beginning of an economic depression that consumed the world and spanning the rise of computers, the Internet, and the introduction of self-driving cars.

Name her Mary Sue Yeary or Ina Mae Yeary. Choose Mary Sue Preston or Mary Sue Dunn.

Some people know her as Sue, others, Mary Sue.

Rarely will you hear her referenced as Mary.

Today, she proudly emblazons herself Mary Sue Turnipseed, having taken the name of the last man she loved and married.

She is all these people, and when you finish this book, you will have met each one.

This is the autobiographical story of Mary Sue Turnipseed’s life, with added memories from her children. It was put together and published for her ninetieth birthday celebration. The book starts in 1930 and follows Mary Sue’s life through the rest of the Twentieth Century and past, finishing up in the year 2020.

You will understand what has made Mary Sue into the indomitable woman she is today.

You can preview Chapters 1-2 here.

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