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30 Brand-New, Never-Before-Seen Stories to Jumpstart Your Imagination!

The Electric Minute

Volume 6

The sixth book in this exhilarating series takes you to all new places with all new people. Join Farley Dunn as he invites you into his head to experience the craziness that he lives with all the time. You won’t be disappointed at Volume 6’s exciting new tales.

Here are eight examples of the stories you'll find between the covers of this new book:

The Last Hurrah – Can you get aloft before the Brooklyn Bridge implodes under you?

Electric Warrior – You can repair the game if the real people will move aside!

Smoke – The City’s been on fire for weeks – or is it just your imagination?

Novelties – Sometimes the novelties on the shelves look entirely too real.

The Perfect Lawnmower – What happens when your desire for success goes too far?

A Mother’s Approval – Can you get your mother’s approval, even if it’s from the grave?

Hailstorm – Is it black skies or your black mood that brings the storms?

Gunshot Run – The shortcut isn’t always the easiest way to win the race.

Look for Volumes 1-5, out now on Amazon.

Plus 22 more amazing tales from a master of speculative fiction.

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