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My Wilderness Experience is a one-on-one story of Apolonio Garcia's life, aka "Junior." 

This story contains real life situations. Junior shares his childhood experiences and the decisions that molded his life.

After surviving a life on the streets filled with alcohol, drugs, and negative peers, Junior finds himself in the Dewitt County courtroom at the age of 18, facing prison time. After serving nearly 12 years in a Texas prison, Junior has an encounter with Jesus Christ that radically transforms his life.

Junior is now a free man spiritually and physically. His life has been completely changed and restored by his relationship with Jesus Christ.

My Wilderness Experience is one of the greatest testimonies of the power of Jesus Christ, and the power of a life committed to the calling in our lives.

From the Book:

With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

There was a time I was so far in the devil's pit that I couldn't look up and see the light. The mold that was my life had formed me into a hardened man who knew only one way to get what he wanted: violence.

God saw a man He could use even in my despair.

I was in prison, estranged from my family, and the darkness surrounded me. I had failed at school, failed in relationships, and failed at being a father. When God offered me salvation, for a time I failed at serving Him.

God saw something greater in me than I saw in myself.

He used my prison experience to mold me into something He could use. He carried me through the wilderness, and He brought me out on the other side.

This is the story of My Wilderness Experience.

About Apolonio Garcia:

He is an ordained minister with the South Texas District of the Assemblies of God.

He endured a rough upbringing and wound up in the Texas prison system. God saw something great in Apolonio and changed his life.

Apolonio credits God with guarding him through his violent youth and tumultuous prison experience.

He sees now that God was molding him with his experiences to become the man of God he is today.

Pastor Garcia founded and pastors at Hallettsville Community Church in Hallettsville, Texas.

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